Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vegan in Ventura County

I headed up to Ventura County in California this past weekend which is where I am from. Unfortunately, growing up there I was not a vegan so it’s like going to a new city and as is my ritual when I go to a city
I don’t know or a city I do know but want the option of eating out or eating somewhere that is not “the usual”, I scanned the internet for anywhere with vegan, vegetarian, or flexible menus.

Here are the delicious places I went:
  • The Natural Café, Westlake, CA
    This incredibly packed restaurant had options for everyone- meaties and non-meaties. I had an amazing falafel but saw about 20 things on the menu I wanted to try. Really affordable pricing.

  • Hugo’s Restaurant, Agoura Hills, CA
    I think this is technically Los Angeles, I’ve never really cared too much about the border line to pay attention. But, I’ve been to their Studio City location and love it! It’s amazing and has so many options. I will warn you that the spicy pasta sauce is “spicy like whoa!” Their breakfast is also so amazing.

  • Hip Vegan Café- A Vegetarian Joint, Ojai, CA
    I’ll admit part of me went here because it has an amazing name. But the rest of me was pleasantly surprised with this locally owned place that feels like a cross between a hippie commune restaurant and a vegan’s house. The food was really amazing, we had a black bean burrito, a Reuben, and a raw salad. The prices were really affordable and the staff was so nice!

  • Urbane Café, Ventura, CA
    This little restaurant isn’t exactly super vegan friendly but it has a few sandwiches that are vegan or can be made vegan, is cute, isn’t too far north, and both options they offer are pretty delicious! The Portobello sandwich made vegan was great and the meatie that I went with was really happy to have someone that we could both go!

Here are the delicious places I really wanted to try but never made it to, let me know if you have!
Mary’s Secret Garden in Ventura 
Nature’s Grill in Ventura 
PizzaSalad in Thousand Oaks 
Farmer and Cook in Ojai 
Sugar Beets in Oxnard 

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